ANOMO: Arts-Based Research Project

ANOMO is an arts-based research project that explored the intersection between cultural regeneration and the economic and social upheaval in contemporary Athens. Through a series of conversations with visual artists and curators, the research investigated the dynamics of an emerging cultural capital in a city full of contrasts, and the capacity of crisis to be a furtive breeding ground for the arts. Realised in the form of an art publication, it aimed to capture the liminal phase of an evolving cultural landscape that seems relatively random, raw and “lawless”.


Includes interviews with:
Luke Burton
Aristeidis Lappas
Manolis Angelakis / Tind Extraordinaire
Giannis Antonopoulos
Rebecca Camhi / Rebecca Camhi Gallery
Elpida Karaba
iLiana Fokianaki / State of Concept
Stamatis Schizakis / National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST), Athens
Zoe Hatziyannaki / A-DASH
Hugo Wheeler / Hot Wheels Projects
Danai Giannoglou / Enterprise Projects
Artemis Skeva
Borja Sánchez-Ramon


“ANOMO: An Arts-Based Research Project examining the volatile cultural climate in contemporary Athens, Greece.”
MA Arts & Cultural Management, King’s College London, 2019.
Dissertation supervisor: Dr Kate McMillan
Special thanks to Alexandra Warder and Lana Churchill-Bountakidou from Bosse & Baum, London.




Art Direction / Design / Research
Art Direction, Art projects